December 14, 2012

This year also saw Fiksu expand internationally, with new offices opened in London and Singapore, and global expansion will continue to be a focus going into next year, Adler said.

Boston-based Fiksu, which offers technology for lowering the cost and effort involved with marketing mobile apps, may double its 130-person staff in 2013 if the company "can find all the right people to fill the slots we're trying to fill," CEO and founder Micah Adler said in an interview.

Fiksu's headcount doubled this year, as the firm grew its business and raised a $10 million Series B round in July, Adler said. He declined to provide his revenue expectations for 2012.

December 13, 2012

“We designed our technology platform to be highly extensible and strategically scalable, recognizing that a robust mobile advertising platform is the future of mobile-app marketing,” said Fiksu chief executive officer Micah Adler.

Building a great game is only half the battle. For most mobile developers, the real work starts after the game is out on people’s devices.

Today, marketing company Fiksu is announcing new features to its user-acquisition platform. Developers now have access to a deep analytics in Fiksu’s new dashboard that inform marketers how well an ad is performing and how much they’re spending.

December 11, 2012

“The FreeMyApps mobile web app for iOS has become an invaluable service for acquiring new users, and publishers have been clamouring to have the same successful platform built out to serve their consumer acquisition efforts on Android,” said Micah Adler, CEO and founder of Fiksu.

Fiksu is bringing its app discovery platform, FreeMyApps, to Android with the launch of its beta version. FreeMyApps rewards its users with gift cards for exploring and sharing its range of free apps.

Since it launched as a web app for iOS in December last year, the platform has seen 1,000 per cent growth, with more than 750,000 monthly active users downloading apps through the service.

December 10, 2012

What marketing strategies are on your holiday wish list?

Looking to boost your apps sales for the holidays? Mobile app marketing experts Fiksu and Localytics have teamed up to research which strategies work, and put their findings into a perfect stocking stuffer of an infographic. What marketing strategies are on your holiday wish list? Let me know at or on Twitter at @HiveBoston.

December 9, 2012

Still, since September, the new identifier is not being adopted very quickly, according to Craig Palli, vice president of business development at mobile app marketing company Fiksu.

Even the best-laid plans to protect user privacy require a bit more patience to come to fruition. As part of the release of iOS 6, Apple took a big step for user privacy: it rolled out a new system for advertisers on its platform that replaced the use of unique device identifiers. The move was hailed for its intention to give users more control over their personal information, while at the same time allowing publishers to better target ads. But almost three months after the introduction of Apple’s new Identifier for Advertisers, the transition is slow-going: according to one estimate, at least 90 percent of advertisers, ad networks and publishers on iOS are still using UDIDs to track user behavior and target ads.

It took serious privacy concerns to get Apple to move away from UDIDs, which were supposed to be anonymous: Researchers showed that it was possible to identify an iOS user by their unique ID with just a bit of additional information.

December 7, 2012

Glenn Kiladis, general manager of FreeMyApps, commented, “Rewards-based marketing is a foundation of building truly great B2C businesses, particularly in the dynamic, consumer-focused app ecosystem.”

Following up on its very obvious success in the iOS world – where users drove 1,000 per cent growth in 2012, Fiksu has just released a beta version of its FreeMyApps app for Android users. Potential testers should go to the FreeMyApps site here to download the program and side load it onto their Android handset. The full version is expected out on Google Play later in December [2012]. What this app does – in addition to app discovery, is reward users for actually downloading and trying out an app. Hence Fiksu believes the Android FreeMyApps community will ramp up quickly as the hundreds of thousands of current FreeMyApps users on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches will be able to do cross-platform social sharing.

December 7, 2012

After growing by 1,000 percent since launch in December 2011, Fiksu’s mobile app discovery platform FreeMyApps is now available for Android in beta.

The Boston-based user acquisition and marketing company said that FreeMyApps has more than 750,000 monthly active users downloading various apps. FreeMyApps will work seamlessly across both iOS and Android, allowing users to refer friends through social channels.

December 7, 2012

“Leveraging the buying power of the Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform and its unique machine learning algorithms,” said Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu, in a release, ”FreeMyApps is poised for success by helping developers target, convert and engage long-term” FreeMyApps users.

Fueled by 1,000 percent iOS growth in 2012, Boston-based Fiksu today announced the much-anticipated beta release for Android for its popular FreeMyApps platform, meaning even more people can now play Angry Birds Star Wars guilt-free.

The prospect of never paying for a pesky app again is an intriguing one, we reported around this time last year, and the very focus of FreeMyApps, an app discovery, engagement and rewards platform that supplies users with credits in exchange for downloading sponsored apps, which can then be used to pick up choicer, paid items free of charge–or to discover apps you never knew existed.

December 7, 2012

The FreeMyApps mobile Web application for iOS has become an invaluable service for acquiring new users, and publishers have been clamoring to have the same successful platform built out to serve their consumer acquisition efforts on Android, said Micah Adler (pictured), CEO and founder of Fiksu.

FreeMyApps (, a leading app discovery, engagement and rewards platform for mobile app marketing, today announced its upcoming launch on Android after experiencing 1,000 percent iOS growth in 2012. Created by Fiksu, FreeMyApps has quickly become a destination for eager consumers seeking to discover new apps — more than 750,000 monthly active users are downloading.

December 6, 2012

Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu, the company behind, the largest iOS apps discovery platform in the U.S., will be in Seoul next week engaging with one of the most active mobile app markets in the world, Korea.

BeSUCCESS is honored to be co-hosting an event in conjunction with the Fiksu team, that will showcase a seminar, presented by the CEO, on 10 Tips to Acquire Loyal App Users in the US and Globally.

Achieving large numbers of loyal users is the Holy Grail for mobile app developers and while Korea has seen the massive popularity and profitability of AniPang and Dragon Flight this year, over the Kakao Talk social messaging platform, achieving this level of Global success has always posed major challenges for Korean developers. Through the seminar Korean developers and Startup CEOs will learn the tips needed to succeed in the competitive global market.


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